Brasov the center of Romania

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brasov-1Also known by the German name of Kronstadt, the city of Brasov is one of the largest and most cherished cities of Romania. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, this was the perfect place for a medieval settlement. The old city, founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211, is one of Romania’s best preserved medieval sites and lately it was thoroughly restored to the delight of an increasing number of tourists.

Brasov’s culture and architecture comes mostly from the mixture of Romanians and Saxons. One of its most popular attractions is the Black Church initially known as St. Mary’s Church…

Brasov the center of Romania

brasov-2Built between 1385 and 1477, the largest church between Vienna and Istanbul was named from its black walls at the time after the “Great Fire” in 1689, when a large part of the Brasov city was on flames. It has the largest organ in the South-Eastern Europe which is worth to be heard every Saturday morning. As a bonus for visiting Brasov, you must go and have a look at the church once the night covers the city. Black, stunning, full of gothic statues, it will sure hypnotize you and make you wonder if you still are in the 21st visiting it, you can spend some more quality time walking down the streets that surround the old Townhall, all the way to the city walls. One of the nicest destinations is one of the original city gates, Poarta Schei, enchanting with its four towers. When you’re done exploring, stop for a treat in one of the many nice cafés in the city square. For an elegant surrounding, try the “Orient Cafe”. Or, if you prefer a more distinguished cultural experience, the Art Museum shelters some valuable Romanian paintings, while the History Museum awaits you in a medieval setting inside the old fortress.

Beside its economical power, Brasov has always been a major cultural center. Johannes Honterus (1498-1549), who led the Protestant Reformation in the area, established the first printing press in Transylvania here. The first book in Romanian language was also printed in Brasov, by the deacon Coresi, in the 16th century.

Near Brasov lies one of the most modern ski resorts in Romania, Poiana Brasov, with about ten major ski slopes, Romanian style restaurants, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

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