Dobrogea and Danube Delta

dobrogea 3Although mostly known for the Danube Delta and the Black Sea resorts, the Dobrogea county has to offer much more than that. A painter would surely describe it as the land of its dreams. In the summer, the gold fields of mustard and rape, spotted from place to place by the passionate red of the poppies are turning later into a sky that seems to have descended on the earth – the flax in bloom.

The winter looks here just like an ancient black and white picture – an incredible white silence that surrounds you, broken from time to time by the crows which remind you in their own particular way that it’s not a dream and you would surely not want to get lost in there.

dobrogea 4Another amazing place that you may find in these lands are the Macinului Mountains, one of the oldest mountains in Europe. Initially, about 3000 m high, now they don’t rise for more than 500 m above the sea level. Surrounded from three sides by the Danube River and filled with plants and flowers that you won’t find anywhere else in this world (and renowned for that), they have a certain way of impressing a hiker maybe even more than their taller relatives.

Danube Delta

While flowing into the Black Sea, the waters of the Danube River are forming the second largest and best preserved delta in Europe. This land of waters takes you away from everything that looks like a human establishment and guides you into a journey sprinkled with natural islands, lonely floating forests and incredible wildlife.

dobrogea danube deltaThis is the place where millions of birds from different places of the Earth come to lay their eggs. Still, they are not the only inhabitants of the Delta. There is also a rich community of animals, from snakes and venomous spiders, to wildcats, foxes and wolves, even an occasional boar or deer. The local people sometimes release their pigs on small islands to live wild, letting Nature take over.

This is the place where luck smiles even to the most unlucky fishermen and where the finest lunch of all is a savory sturgeon and its black caviar.

The Danube Delta has been inhabited for thousands of years. The descendants of the Scythian and Getae tribes never ceased to live on this land surrounded by waters. During the 10th through 15th centuries, the area of the sea-going Danube became a main trade place between merchants from Genoa and Venice, Arabs and Greeks and the native inhabitants.That’s why on the shores of the lakes Razelm (the biggest lake in Romania – 415 sq Km) and Sinoe you can still find ancient settlements like Histria and Enisala.

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