Fagaras Mountains

Fagaras Mountains – the giant from the clouds

Fagaras MountainsProportionately speaking, one who reaches the highest peaks of the Fagaras Mountains has the same delight as the daring adventurer who tries to conquer the Everest.

Both of them are looking for the same thing and both of them know that once they’re beyond the border of clouds they reached the unseen edge of this world. And how wonderful this world looks from up there…


Bordered by the Olt River in the west and Dimbovita in the east, the Fagaras Mountains are truly the highest, largest and rockiest mountains in the entire Romanian Carpathians.

Stretching for more than 70 km from E to W, they will reveal to a daring hiker more than 20 summits at above 2000 meters, among which six offering the unique feeling of walking on the clouds, by being elevated at over 2500 m above the sea level.

Getting there

The easiest way to get there is via the Transfagarasan highway, that cuts its way through the rock of the mountain. While driving, at about 27 Km distance from Curtea de Arges, you should be able to see the ruins of the Poenari fortress, one of Prince’s Vlad Tepes eagle nests built to defend the Romanian country from the Ottoman Empire threats. Eventually, the first part of your trip will end near the Balea Lake (2063 m), an area renowned for its snowboard competitions. From up there, the sky is the limit.

Routes and paths

Fagaras Mountains 1Above all, keep in mind that although being the favorites of many hikers, the Fagaras Mountains are also the site of the country’s most frequent hiking accidents. Peculiar names of places such as „Three steps from death” or „The evil valley” speak well for themselves.

Definitely, one shouldn’t try to challenge these peaks without serious documentation and thorough planning. Before departing on a longer route, be sure to check with the locals for the weather conditions and recommended paths. A true creator of clouds, Fagaras will surprise you with the constantly changing and for the uninitiated, totally unpredictible weather.

Don’t try to challenge paths that are beyond your level of experience or your equipment. Keep this simple rules into your mind and everything will be ok.

While the Fagaras mountains are being crossed by several routes, the most popular of them may be found on the northern side. You will find there paths of any difficulty and length, suited for almost anyone. You may choose a 1 or 2 days ridge path with the departure from the Balea depression, leading towards Caltun or Capra Lake. The most skilled hikers may also choose the ultimate ridge route which might take up to 10 days. Whichever route you will follow we assure you that your satisfaction will be complete.

One who went hiking in Fagaras, will surely return because this imposing and sublime performance of the nature will be hard to forget. The silence chased away by the wind, the scent of the pines, the skies mirrored in the crystal lakes, the symphony of the waterfalls and the greatness of the ridges, the sublime white of the clouds resting over the sharp summits, the adventure itself, will always try to pull you out of the gray and noisy environment of the city…

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