sighisoara citadelThe most beautiful living Sighisoara citadel in all Europe, Sighisoara has always fascinated its visitors with its picturesque streets, houses, bastions, towers and churches. The citadel was first attested in a written document in 1280, under the name of Castrum Sex (Fort Six). The name must have existed long before, as the Saxons built their walled town on the ruins of a former Roman fortress…

In 1298, the town was mentioned as Schespurch, while in 1367 it was called Civitas de Seguswar. Today, the medieval air still rules over the old city…

Like all the large settlements built in the troubled medieval times, the town is a fortress. The remnants of the three rings of defense walls, along with the nine towers, make much of the city’s tourist appeal. Each guild in town (the carpenters, tailors, tin-makers, blacksmith, etc…) was in charge of building a dungeon, so the architecture of each of these nine towers is delightfully different. The highest and most majestic of all is the Tower of the Clock, which once sheltered the city hall, and now the history museum.

The old Sighisoara citadel is a photographer’s dream.

sighisoara-city-2Start from the lower city, where tile-roofed houses give the impression of an old watercolor, and go uphill, on the winding passage that goes below the Tower of the Clock. You are now in the middle of the old city. Stop for a drink in the house where the medieval prince Vlad (now thought of as Dracula) lived for a few years. It is now a restaurant. Next, climb up the old city hall to the history museum, and finally to the old clock. This nice and intricate piece of machinery has been working continuously since the middle-ages, and the carved wooden puppets still rotate showing the position of the planets.

Stop for a while on the balcony above the clock and feast your eyes on the wonderful landscape of the Tarnava. Then go back to the old city square and follow the narrow streets uphill to the old cathedral. A long, wooden covered staircase meant to shelter people from rain and snow takes you to the top of the hill. Once you’re there, put down your backpack …

sighisoara-city-3Enjoy the silence and the sun playing with spotlights and shadows on the wooden beams, all the way to this gothic masterpiece, completely restored to its initial beauty in the latest years.

For a final touch, go back down to the lower city and climb on the hill opposing the citadel. The view will reward your effort.

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