The Muddy Volcanoes Romania

The Muddy Volcanoes

muddy volcanoes ro1Shots from a science-fiction movie? Moon landscape? Vision of Hell through the eyes of a soon to be famous painter? Neither of them, although the truth is not too far away…

The muddy volcanoes or „the gates of hell” as the locals call them, will reveal themselves to you in the following lines…

muddy volcanoes ro2At about 30 Km far from the town of Buzau, a landscape conquered by pastures and hills will suddenly be interrupted by the strange moon-like scenery of the muddy volcanoes.

These unusual formations of mud, hot gases and water can be found only in Azerbaijan, Italy and of course in Romania. Apparently formed in the Quaternary Age (about 2 millions years ago) they are made of mud which is pulled out on the surface by natural gases. Combine this with underground water and minerals and you will get chocolate-like geysers and boiling pools of mud.

In the middle of the landscape, there seems to be no link with the outside world. Some lost trees, the small hills in the background and the skies which sometimes are mirroring in the silent mud puddles are the only things that remind you that you’re still alive and this is not the road to Purgatory.

The locals have always associated this place with evil forces and feared the spot, calling it „the gates of hell”. But apart from that, the uniqueness and the bizarre beauty of the scenery surely makes it a place you will not want to miss when travelling to Romania…

Also, while in the area, be sure to visit the Magura Sculpture Camp. A large clearing is filled with stone sculptures, a true in-nature museum, courtesy of the artists that used to meet here in the 70’s and 80’s.

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