spanzul planta medicinala beneficii pentru sanatate

Planta medicinala Spanz – Recoltare, Beneficii, Utilizari si Contraindicatii

Planta spanz, denumita stiintific Helleborus purpurascens, este o planta medicinala erbacee (care nu are o tulpina lemnoasa deasupra solului) si perena. In mediul ei natural o intalnim prin paduri si tufarisuri, in regiunea de deal (la altitudini peste 500-600m) si munte, dar mai ales in poienile din fagete, raristi, margini de padure. Poate creste in …

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The Rasnov Fortress

The Rasnov Fortress

„In the morning light, during their trip through Transylvania, the future knights will see the profile of the Rasnov fortress. Its mysterious quietness draws them to it, as if hiding in its thick, eroded walls, terrible secrets are waiting to be discovered” Well, guided by this, we decided to take a short trip to Rasnov …

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The Muddy Volcanoes Romania

The Muddy Volcanoes

Shots from a science-fiction movie? Moon landscape? Vision of Hell through the eyes of a soon to be famous painter? Neither of them, although the truth is not too far away… The muddy volcanoes or „the gates of hell” as the locals call them, will reveal themselves to you in the following lines… At about …

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Dobrogea and Danube Delta 4

Dobrogea and Danube Delta

Although mostly known for the Danube Delta and the Black Sea resorts, the Dobrogea county has to offer much more than that. A painter would surely describe it as the land of its dreams. In the summer, the gold fields of mustard and rape, spotted from place to place by the passionate red of the …

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The Bucegi Mountains

The Bucegi mountains cover the central part of Romania and own their fame to the spectacular landscapes and the accessibility of their routes. Well known for hiking, winter sports and alpinism, these mountains are high compact blocks, edged by steep slopes which dominate the Prahova Valley, a popular land for its mountain resorts. A trip …

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Brasov the center of Romania

Also known by the German name of Kronstadt, the city of Brasov is one of the largest and most cherished cities of Romania. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, this was the perfect place for a medieval settlement. The old city, founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211, is one of Romania’s best preserved medieval …

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Situated to the western – north-western part of Romania, in the historic province of Crisana, on the sides of the Crisul Negru, Crisul Repede and Barcau rivers Area 7,544 sq. km 631, 095 inhabitants (1995) Relief mountain area (to the south, south-east and east) – 24% of the county’s area; hilly region with interhillock depressions …



Bucovina Area

It doesn’t quite matter if your faith is strong or not, the orthodox monasteries of Bucovina and their surroundings will amaze you from the very beginning till the end of your journey. Located in the northern part of Moldavia and named after the German word “buchenwald” – or in English – beech forest, the land …

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rezervatia retezat sau parcul national retezatu

Poze din rezervatia Retezat

Parcul Național Retezat, cunoscut si sub numele de rezervatia Retezat, s-a înființat în anul 1935 la inițiativa profesorului Alexandru Borza, fondatorul Grădiii Botanice din Cluj-Napoca. În prezent parcul are statut de arie naturală protejată de interes național și internațional, fiind recunoscut ca Rezervație a Biosferei din anul 1979. Prin constituirea Parcului Național Retezat se urmărește …

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Caras-Severin County

Situated in the Banat, on the Danube left side, between the Southern Carpathians and the south part of the Western Carpathians Area 8,520 sq km (third largest county after Timis and Suceava) 366,296 inhabitants (1995) Relief of a karstic type; spectacular (west of the Southern Carpathians – Cernei and Mehedinti Mountains and south of the …

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